On Everything And Nothing All At The Same Time

For the last couple of years, I've made it a point to disengage from mainstream news media because I started to notice how annoyed, down and ultimately powerless I felt about the problems we're facing in the world today.

I'd watch the nightly news on the couch with my husband before bed and wind up thinking "geez, everything is wrong in this world.  We've literally figured nothing out."

I don't remember the exact moment that I realized it wasn't serving me to go to bed night after night feeling hopeless about humans, but at some point I made a clean cut from t.v., radio, magazines, and more.

I even asked my husband to stop forwarding me texts throughout the day of alerts from his news app about mass shootings and terrorist attacks. 

I created a bubble, and I got really comfortable in it.

So, when I came across a video on social media of an author who's books on vulnerability I really love, I was hesitant to turn the audio on and listen to what she was sharing.  But something told me to do it anyway.

The overall point that she made in the video was that burying our heads in the sand just furthers the problems, and I realized that my blissful ignorance of world events was exactly what she was calling out.  OUCH.  

Of course, the very next thing I saw in my newsfeed was a sort of mini-documentary that had been quickly put together that demonstrated events that took place in Charlottesville.  What I witnessed in the video horrified me.

I watched that video about 8 days ago, and since then I've felt just.... OFF.  

Usually when I write a blog post, it's because I feel inspired to share something that I've learned or a new perspective on a challenge or issue you have.  

Today, my friends, I've got nothing.
I have no answers, no tips, no advice.

Things in my family life feel intense right now.  

  • We have our old house for sale (and if you've ever had to do showing to sell a home that children live in, I don't have to tell you how stressful that experience is), and our new home will not be finished at the anticipated date (which I was proooooooooomised would be before school started).  
  • My husband and I have been arguing more than talking.  
  • My heart is called to homeschooling, yet my children are attending school.  
  • Add the anticipation of having another baby to the mix, and I suppose it's not surprising that I feel a little banana-pants crazy.

Yet, I also feel like a big ol' whine bag for feeling this way.  When I step back and examine these things that are so darn stressful to me right now, I know that we're fortunate to be able to have all of these good "problems". 

I wish I had more clarity on where we will be living two weeks from now and on how I'm going to restructure my businesses so that I can take care of a brand new baby and on what the right thing to do about school/homeschool is and how to solve hatred and racism in our country. 

My mom always said "wish in one hand and $#it in another." 
No surprise then that problem-solving is just my nature.

But the solutions to these "problems" seem to be hiding under a very heavy rock.  I can see the rock, I know the answers I'm looking for are under it.  Yet.... I can't move the stupid rock no matter how hard I try. 

I've journaled, I've cried, I've slept, I've laid awake.  I've tried hiding out inside all alone, and I've sat in the sun with the rays shining on my face.  I've eaten my favorite ice cream, and I've eaten only plants.

I've done everything a restless soul is supposed to do to be less restless.

I even hoped that being on the path of totality during the epic solar eclipse earlier this week would deliver some kind of cosmic jolt of guidance... of clarity. 

I sat outside despite warning about bacteria-filled balloons being released by NASA (apparently true, by the way--NASA released a story about it on their website); I stared at the moon and the sun with my paper glasses that promised to keep my retinas from frying.

I prayed; I waited.  The sky didn't turn dark as night as we had all been promised. I heard a crowd cheer and fireworks go off at a park nearby, but despite how excited and joyful they all sounded, I felt nothing. I prayed again, waited some more.... 

Reluctantly, I went back inside.  
Disappointed.  Still worried about everything. Still no answers, no clarity.  Nothing.
Everything and nothing all at the same time.

Now I sit here three days later, typing this and THIS is what I know:
the harder I look for the "answers," the more elusive they feel--and the more freaking frustrated I feel.

"I'm doing everything right!!!  Why is nothing working???"

As much as I want to know exactly how things will play out for me, our kids, my businesses--the truth is... I just don't

In this moment as I write these words, I'm reminded that my job isn't to know exactly what to do, but to hand these things up and simply to do what I must do to stay open to receiving guidance.  And trusting that that guidance will come when the time's right.

THIS.  The one thing I haven't done.  Yet. 

Why I Do Some Unexpected Things In My Practice

If you’re reading this, you either know me through my practice Fertility Freedom, or…. You will soon :-)

If you’re already a client, you know that even though I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic, I'm not like any other chiropractor you've been to before.  You know that I do some unexpected, out-of-the-ordinary things in my practice.

Chances are good we’ve had a least one conversation during an office visit where we talked about the politics of healthcare, the food industry, or medical insurance (among other hot topics that may be off limits in other places).

This is one of the strange things about the way I practice:
I talk to my clients.  Furthermore, I listen when you talk.

Even before I went to chiropractic school, I had an idea of what kind of chiropractor I was going to be.

I’ve always been a hippie at heart, and I just love helping people reach their potential, learn, and grow. Especially through natural ways.  Ways that the earth has always provided for us.

I had undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Social Work, and chiropractic seemed like a great profession to allow me to combine all of my interests, own my own business, and most importantly help people.

While I was a student at Logan University studying chiropractic, I was married to my first husband.  Although it may not have been the optimal time to start a family, we sure tried.

In fact, we tried for five long, painful years.

The infertility we experienced was a big part of why we ultimately ended our marriage.

I was barely divorced when I found myself in a new relationship, about to finish my residency in Sports and Rehabilitation at Logan, with plans for being promoted to Assistant Director of the department… when I found out I was pregnant.

This thing that I had figured would probably never happen for me… had happened.

Motherhood totally rocked my world.  It was so much more challenging than I had expected it to be.  Especially the whole “balancing life and work” part.

My boss and mentor at Logan had told me multiple times that he was afraid he was going to lose me to motherhood.  That I wasn't going to come back to work after having my baby.

Well, after 8 weeks of maternity leave, truthfully, I felt mostly ready to return to doing the job I loved.  However, by the time my baby was 10 months old, I knew that it was time to make a big leap. 

I simply didn’t feel like I could do my job the same as I did before I was a mom—which often required working 12+ hours a day running a clinic, teaching classes, proctoring board exams, treating athletes, traveling for games and national championships, and supervising first aid coverage for tournaments on the weekends.

So I ventured out into private practice.  I borrowed money from family and opened an office.  I knew that I had the hustle that it would take to grow a new business quickly.  And I did.

Business grew week over week for over a year. 

Yet… I was so focused on my business that I often ignored other parts of my life.  Like, all other parts of my life. 

I rarely saw my little girl awake, our home was a disaster, and my relationship with my husband was struggling because we spent virtually no time taking care of it.

When first daughter was 2, I found myself pregnant again.  Again wondering: how did this happen so easily?! (<<<---another story for another time)

I knew that I would not be able to keep working as hard and as much as I was being pregnant and then later having a new baby. 

I knew it was time to make big changes.  But I was afraid to take some of the most important (and scary) steps—like hiring another doctor to help take care of patients in my office.

I found myself in the darkest place I’d ever experienced when I miscarried that pregnancy.  Even though everyone told me not to feel this way, I believed wholeheartedly that we lost that little life because I was abusing my own.

The real kicker?
Just 8 weeks after the miscarriage, I was pregnant again. 

It was then that I knew we had to make big changes and we had to make them fast.  So I sold the practice that I had dreamed of and worked so hard for. 

Unexpectedly, it felt like another loss.

But I did what I knew in my heart I needed to do to grow a healthy baby.  And we sure did get a healthy baby!

Now, years later, I live and work so much differently than I did when I first started my own business.

Now I’m very clear on my own values, the values we are raising our daughters with, and what’s most important to me—my family and my health.

Now I set clear goals and clear boundaries that help keep me in check.  Because honestly can I really help anyone grow a healthy family if I’m not doing it myself?

The Type-A, workaholic in me wants to help practically everyone with everything.

But now that I’m clear that being a mom and wife and living a healthy life is first and foremost, I know that I simply can’t.

So I have limited office hours.

I specifically focus on caring for moms and babies with certain health concerns.

I no longer accept medical insurance because I want my time spent either with my family, taking care of myself, or with my clients and patients.  NOT on the phone with a customer service rep who doesn’t know you or understand your health the way I do.

And when you call the phone number listed on my website, you’re calling me directly.

I know that sometimes when a new patient calls to schedule an appointment with me, they are a little taken aback when I answer the phone. 

This is why I’m sharing all of this personal stuff with you.  Because I want you to understand that I care about YOU, as a person. 

And I want to be living the healthy life that I hope
you’ll get to experience, too.

What (Almost) No One Tells You About Your Post-Baby Body

I was so clueless when I had my first baby.  I didn't even know that a lot of babies don't sleep through the night for the first 1-2 years.  I thought that was like unicorn-rare.  

So when my we brought my first baby home after her birth, to say I felt confused and alone is an understatement. 

 Allyson at one-week old.

Allyson at one-week old.

I remember the first full-day home by ourselves.  Just me and her.  It was 3pm and I still hadn't figured out how to take a shower.  I felt like such a miserable failure.  

The next big surprise came when my daughter seem to decide that sleep was unnecessary at about 4 months old.  Sleep regression?!?  I'd never heard of such a thing.  They definitely didn't teach us about those in Pediatrics class in chiropractic school.  

Her night-time waking progressed to the point of waking about every 60-90 minutes.  The only tool I seemed to have to get her back to sleep was a boob (or two--but always one at a time). 

It was when my residents and interns created a Post-It Note system to assist my failing short-term memory that I knew I needed to buck up and ask my husband for help.  Our baby was 6 months old, and by my recollection I had gotten up with her every single time she woke.... every night... for 6 months.

 Perhaps 1 of 3 times the girls slept in her crib.

Perhaps 1 of 3 times the girls slept in her crib.

Yes, my husband had to get up early for work.  Yes, I had the boobs.  

And yes, my expectations of myself (and my baby, too) were a little bit crazy. 

Can you relate to any of this?!

(please tell me I'm not the only smart woman who had no idea that motherhood was going to actually change her life forever!)

Another thing about motherhood that chiropractic didn't teach me/us about was something I really, really think we SHOULD have learned about.  

With a master's degree in Sports and Rehabilitation, a two year residency in sports and rehab, personal training and corrective exercise certificates from NASM.... I still got to learn about this condition the hard way--by wondering what the heck was wrong with my body. 

It's a condition so common.  It effects more moms than we really know.  A lot of women know nothing or very little about it.  

Diastasis Recti Abdominis

(which we'll refer to as "Diastasis Recti" or simply "Diastasis" from here forward)

If you've ever been pregnant, there's a good chance you have this.  So read on.

Diastasis Recti is essentially a separation of the abdominal muscles at the midline of the body (think bottom of your chest bone to top of your pubic bone). 

Side note: I once checked another mama chiropractor for Diastasis after her second pregnancy during which she carried 6 pound twins in her 5 foot tall body.  When I shared with her that she had a diastasis, she turned white, nearly fainted, and had to eat ice chips for about an hour.  I know that having a separation of your abdominal muscles can sound scary and/or gross.  It IS important for you to understand what this is and how it can effect the way you feel and look AND what you can do about it (don't ever let someone tell you there's nothing you can do!), but I've never seen a case so severe that I sent someone for emergency surgery.  So, again, read on. 

This separation starts sometimes during pregnancy and in other women it seems to not be apparent until after delivery.  

There are four layers of abdominal muscles, and all four are held together at the center of your belly by connective tissue.  As your baby grows, that connective tissue stretches.  In some moms, the connective tissue and abdominal muscles come back together well on their own a few weeks after delivery.  For others of us (me included), it takes quite a bit more work.  

You might be wondering right now if having Diastasis Recti can make you post-baby look poochy? Answer: YES.

If you're a mom who loses weight after your baby's birth but notice that your belly still looks early-second-trimester pregnant, hang with me here. 

I want you to know that the reason that I am so passionate about helping as many moms as possible learn about this condition is because it's about SO MUCH MORE than the way you look.

I speak from firsthand experience when I share with you that having this separation of your abdominal muscles can be associated with back pain, hip pain, pubic symphysis pain, and more.  Why?  Because it decreases your core strength and stability.  

I was somewhat relieved when I learned about this condition, because it explained in part why I had had so much low back pain and pubic symphysis pain during pregnancy.  Chiropractic adjustments helped temporarily, but the more active I was the more I hurt.

Having Diastasis Recti, and the way that it effects your ability to generate intra-abdominal pressure, can also make you more likely to have other conditions in the future, such as uterine and/or bladder prolapse. 

And I don't know about you, so I'll speak for myself here: keeping my organs where they currently are (without any surgical intervention) sounds nice. 

Disclaimer: I also have a genetic protein disorder that effects my connective tissue.  So that played a big part into my experience, too.  (Another topic for another day.)

Time after time, when I ask a woman who has been pregnant if her OB checked her for this condition before releasing her back to regular activities and exercise at her 6- or 8-week postpartum visit, the answer has always been NO.

Truthfully, as physician and a mother, I do NOT understand why OBs are not checking every woman for Diastasis.  It's a huge disservice to women.  When you've checked a lot of women, you learn to find this separation very fast and measure it quickly.  I suppose we could chalk it up to the current poor state of obstetric care in the U.S. or our crummy medical system, in general.  But it's just not acceptable.  

So, here I am. Sharing this with you now. Because I believe that you deserve to feel good in every way possible.

If you happen to be a mom who wears her baby,  believe this is especially important for you know about.  Not just if you have Diastasis or not, but also what you can do "in as little as 10 minutes a day right from the comfort of your own home" to heal it.  

If you babywear and/or generally consider yourself an active person, then be sure to enter your name and email address below to keep learning more in a step-by-step series I've created for active moms like you. 

Four Surprising Reasons Your Baby Is Fussy

Hi Mama,

If you're reading this post, you probably meet one of these three descriptions:

  • you're pregnant and wondering how you might be able to prevent your baby from being fussy
  • you have a newborn baby who's fussy right now
  • you've had a fussy newborn and are still bewildered by what you were doing "wrong"

First of all, if your baby is fussy right now or was in the past (despite everything you tried to calm her down) please know this...

You're NOT doing anything WRONG.  

In fact, you're probably doing a lot of things RIGHT.

If you're loving your baby, keeping her safe, and feeding her then you are seriously winning, Mama.  Good work.

Next, if you're a pregnant mom and wondering what you don't know that you don't know about fussy babies, again--good work!  The fact that you're here reading this means that you're very likely going to be Rockstar Mom.

You may already know that the first three months of a baby's life are referred to as the Fourth Trimester--essentially the period of time when the baby learns to live outside the constant safety and warmth (and endless supply of nutrients) of your womb.  Some babies breeze through this period of time without creating too much ruckus.  Others.... well, let's just say it's not quite so easy.

But what I'm about to share with you can and will make it easier

The fussiness of the Fourth Trimester is sometimes (often) blamed on things like colic and reflux.  We used to believe that babies came out with ineffective digestive systems and put them on drugs.  What we know now is that these medications are not able to fix the cause of a baby's fussiness...and most of the medications used for colic and/or reflux can actually contribute to worsening gastrointestinal problems. (talk to your healthcare provider for more details)

Knowing that, you likely want to use medication as a last resort!

So I'm going to share with you here 4 things you want to be sure you rule out before resorting to medications for your baby.

1. Breastfeeding can be the cause of your baby's fussiness.

SAY WHAT!?!  Isn't breastfeeding the healthiest and most loving choice you can make for your child?!  YES.  ABSOLUTELY.

But some moms are super-producers (like me).  They make a lot of milk and eject it very quickly after the baby starts to nurse.  Your little one might have a hard time keeping up with the flow, and you'll sometimes recognize that this might be an issue for you and your baby when she seems to choke, cough, gag, or just plain get REALLY MAD within the first couple of minutes of a nursing session.

Overall, this a good problem to have, because your baby is getting a lot of great nutrition and antibodies from you. But overactive letdown in mom cause mean that baby takes in more air when nursing, leading to a gurgly belly, lots of spit up, or a lot of gas coming out the other end. 

Two things I found to be very helpful with this issue?  PATIENCE and PUMPING. Oversupply is very likely to get better with time so just keep going!  And pumping, especially pumping just a little bit right before nursing baby, can help slow down your flow and make it easier on your little one.

One more note: oversupply often gets diagnosed as undersupply, which then has Mom thinking she's not producing enough for her baby.  Please seek the help of an experienced professional if you're uncertain about any breastfeeding challenges you're having.

2. Lip ties and/or tongue ties.

Again, another sneaky cause of fussiness in breastfed babies, especially.  If the connective tissue between your baby's lip and gums or tongue and floor of the mouth are too tight or restrictive, it can make breastfeeding difficult for your precious little one.  

Lip and/or tongue ties can produce many of the same symptoms as we talked about with overactive letdown and oversupply of milk. Fussiness, excessive spit up, noisy belly, and/or a lot of farting :-)

Hopefully there is a doctor in your area (in the St. Louis area, we have Dr. Amy Grawey) who specializes in assessing and possibly correcting these concerns.  (By the way, as a chiropractor, I check all babies for lip and tongue ties to make a preliminary assessment). 

Please know that you may choose to leave your baby's lip or tongue tie uncorrected if she is gaining weight appropriately and there are no other major health concerns.  BUT.... regardless of if you choose to have your child undergo a frenectomy, she should also receive myofascial and cranial work by someone trained to perform it.  

Did you read that last sentence and then think "What the what is that?!?" Let me explain it like this:

If you glued your lip to your gums, can you imagine how restricted the movement of your lip would be?  Might you sound different when you talked?  Might you have a more difficult time eating food or drinking liquids?  Might you even look different (especially when you smiled)?  Now imagine that you leave the glue for quite some time.  Can you imagine that your facial muscles would begin to work a bit differently?  

Ok, this is why little ones with lip ties or tongue ties deserve to have myofascial and cranial work.  So we can optimize the function of their facial muscles and bones.  So they can eat and drink more easily, develop their speech optimally, and later have a healthy smile. 

So, long story short, if you find at some point that your baby has a lip or tongue tie, be sure to have them checked out by a pediatric chiropractor to help optimize their function and health.  If you're uncertain or just have a hunch that your baby might have a lip or tongue tie, bring him to our office for a preliminary assessment. 

3. It's not her; it's you.

(No one else will tell you what I'm about to share here, Mama.  They are likely all too afraid.  And that's ok :-) )

Hey, remember that college roommate you got stuck with freshman year who complained about everything? She complained that it was too hot, and then too cold.  She hated getting up at 6am for track practice and she hated when her coach called to wake her up.  She hated what a jerk her boyfriend was and she griped about him incessantly.  

Remember how you felt when you were around her all the time?  Like you started to notice some of that negativity coming off on you?

Yeah, your baby could be feeling that exact way right now.  She could simply be fussy because she can sense your discomfort and difficulty adjusting to your new role as 24/7 caretaker of a (albeit adorable) poop-machine.  The challenging part is that she can't talk to you about it.  Or just walk away.  The only outlet she has.... is to cry right along with you. 

If you have had any thoughts of harming your baby or yourself, see your doctor immediately. If you've felt as though you don't want to take care of your baby, please ask for help from someone you trust right away. 

If you and your baby are both safe, then there's more that I want to share with you right now.  Yes, your hormones are changing rapidly right now and that can certainly play a part in your moods.  Blaming your hormones is not a solution, though.  If you're ready, willing and able to change your life, read the book "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie.  If you feel like your hands are physically too full of baby to manage a book right now, get it on audiobook (about $15 bucks on Audible). Send me a message and let me know how doing The Work that Byron Katie teaches changes your outlook.     

4. Your baby's nervous system is irritated.

While basically all of the things we talked about above can essentially be irritation to your baby's nervous system, there's one other point to make here about fussy babies.  

As adults, we're exposed to all kinds of things that could cause dysfunction of our nervous systems:  

  • poor quality food (which is everywhere, all around us, every day, tastes so good and is cheap, no less)
  • toxins in the air, that we've been injected with, that are in plastics, and on and on
  • injuries--sports injuries, falls, car accidents and more

When you think about all of the things that you've been exposed to and that could have happened to you by the time you reach your 30s and 40s, it's easy for people to understand why chiropractic care will help their bodies.

But babies (especially newborns) haven't been exposed to this kind stuff...... right?!

Not so fast.

Let's think about nutrition, for example.  While in the womb, the baby's nutritional status was dependent upon the mom's diet.  And not just what she ate while pregnant, but especially what she had eaten in the months and years leading up to conception of her child. It can be pretty challenging for some women to eat very clean diets while pregnant (hello ice cream cravings?!?), and baby can be effected by that.

And how about mental and emotional stress?!  I myself found pregnancy to be a particularly stressful time.  I worried about my health, my baby's health, what work would be like after the baby came, if we had all the supplies we needed (now after two babies I realize all they really need is love, warmth, food and to be kept clean), what labor and delivery would be like and on and on.  Studies have shown that babies born to mothers who experienced higher levels of mental and emotional stress during pregnancy have associated health risks. 

(Read "The Prenatal Prescription" by Dr. Peter Nathanielsz for more amazing information on how a person's health is largely determined by what she experiences in utero)

Besides nutrition and mental/emotional stress from mom, a baby may experience its own physical stress, in a couple of ways:

1. in the womb - if a mom has a tension, restriction or structural anomalies in her uterus, it can cause baby to be cramped for space.  And if baby is cramped for space, he might develop tension in his spine or other areas causing rotation of his head, tilting of his head, favoring one breast while nursing, and later things such as flat spots on his skull.  All of this can also effect his function! (ie, his ability to nurse well, sleep soundly, pee, poop, etc.)

2. during birth - whether your baby made his debut via vaginal delivery or Cesarean, can you image the physical stress on his little body as he moved through (and maybe to some degree was pushed through or pulled out of) your body?!?  When you consider the amount of stress that may occurred to his little spine, it's actually not at all surprising that some babies have issues with their spines that can be corrected with chiropractic care.

Regardless of how the irritation got there, it's really important for parents to know that chiropractic just makes sense for newborns and infants.  

So if you're baby is fussy, I hope I've helped you see some things differently.  Let's recap: 

  • it's very likely not that you're doing something wrong
  • there are some causes of fussiness in babies that most people don't know, don't understand and/or don't recognize
  • the good news is that you have a safe and effective healthcare option for your sweet little one

Hi, I'm Dr. Danielle Eaton, a Holistic Chiropractic Family Physician.  I'm a wife and mom of two little girls.  We are a breastfeeding, babywearing, cosleeping family with a big emphasis on health and love in our home.  

My mission is to help moms ease into motherhood peacefully, naturally, and healthily.  Want to keep learning more about what I share to help other moms and families?  Be sure to subscribe to the Ease Chiropractic newsletter below. 

On The Other Side of Your Fear...

I'm a recovering choice-avoider.  

My avoiding making choices used to drive my husband crazy.  I was pretty good at pretending it didn't bother me, though.  

Eventually, I got to stop avoiding and start creating my Life. 

I remembered that my core desired feeling is FREEDOM. 

Knowing this guides me in making decisions and choices.

Sometimes when things have come up in the past, I've avoided making choices in them because they seem so BIG.... so SCARY. 

But now I know, when I ask myself, "Does this choice bring me more freedom?" I can see the choice for what it is.  

Simply a choice.  I don't have to be attached to the outcome. 

What if becoming a writer or starting that new business or moving your family to another country feels so scary that you never make the choice to TAKE ACTION? 

Well, what if you became unattached to the outcome of your choice?  And JUST MADE A CHOICE?

And what if you DID make that choice, and found on the other side of what once felt too scary, was the exact feeling you desired to create? 

What if on the other side of you fear is YOUR freedom?!?

What's Actually Holding You Back?

As a mom, you tell yourself that you'd be happier and healthier if only:

you had more time
you had more energy
you had less guilt

and you tell yourself that one day when you have more time and energy and less guilt, that you'll:

workout every day
go on a vegan diet
be totally zen and never yell at your kids
always be on time
be lovable

I'm here to tell you today:

more time to start taking care of yourself is not necessary
more energy to start working out is not necessary
less guilt before you spend some much needed and deserved time alone is not necessary

and that you're already lovable exactly as you are.

As you read these words of mine telling you it's not time, energy and/or guilt that's holding you back, you're probably:

a bit pissed off at me (and that's cool)
wondering "What the hell is it then, smarty pants?!?"

I'm sending you this message with love today, mama.
What you think holds you back--time, energy, guilt, maybe even money--it's all bullshit stories.

How do I know?

Because I've been the one telling myself the bullshit stories.

I've lived this. 

I invite you today to go deep and really ask yourself what's ACTUALLY holding you back from having what you want in every dimension of life? 

with love,


Dr. Danielle Eaton
Host of Your Daily Dose
Creator of 4-Dimensional Moms

Love Yourself

QUICK!!  Grab a pen and paper.  

Got 'em?

Ok, great. Now....

Write down ONE THING you're CELEBRATING about yourself today.

I'll wait...

Got it written down?

Ok, cool.  Now, question:


I'm willing to be you, my dear, that it felt challenging to actually write down that one thing you're celebrating about yourself today?

Maybe it's hard because of social conditioning.
Or the way we were raised.
Or simply because as a mom you've lost sight of what makes YOU awesome beyond how speedily you can change a poopy diaper.  

But here's the thing: who is it serving, when you don't feel fabulous in every single dimension of your life?

Like really: WHO IS THAT GOOD FOR???

I assure you that your children and your husband will actually be far benefited in the long run if you choose to celebrate yourself more each day.

So, my dear, go back to the sheet of paper.  And write down that one thing you're celebrating about yourself today.
Like, really do it this time!
And then....

Keep going until you have The List of 10. 
Do nothing else until you've got 'em there on that paper, looking back at you.

Next, stick that sheet of paper in your pocket.  Or better yet, pin it to the front of your shirt where everyone can see it!

Each time you catch yourself thinking, "I'm not good enough/organized enough/pretty enough," today...
take a look at your list.

It's one small step that you can take today, no matter how much money, time or talent you have, to help you see how amazingly awesome you really are.  

The only thing that can stop you is YOU. 

with love,

PS: would you totally love to see The List of 10 (or even just 1) that your babies would right about themselves?  Teach them by example and do this today.  They are learning how to think and feel about themselves... from you... at this very moment

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Don't Believe Me

Don't believe me.

Don't believe me when I tell you that I no longer have:

  • chronic, debilitating headaches

  • panick attacks

  • daily abdominal pain

  • acid reflux

  • acne

Don't believe me when I tell you that after five years of infertility, I conceived three times easily.
Or that I no longer feel pain in almost all of my joints. 
Or that I've easily shed over 30 pounds in a year.

Please, don't believe me...
I invite you to not believe a word I say...
When I tell you that:

Your health starts with your thoughts and feelings, and...
Good health can be as easy as you allow it to be.

I invite you not to believe me.  Don't believe me at all.

But DO ask yourself if what you're currently doing is producing the results you want to experience.
And if you want something different, then what are you going to do about it?

Don't believe me when I tell you it's easy. Go find out for yourself.

You'll never know if you never TRY.

with love,
Dr. Danielle Eaton

Starting With The End In Mind

If I had KNOWN the ending, I wouldn't have started.
If I had known how some things would end, I'd have never gone all in. 

  • My first marriage
  • My job as a chiropractic associate
  • Spine & Joint Center of Affton
  • My second pregnancy

And more...

None of those choices created what I thought they would when I started. 
I started all of them before I was ready. 

I'm reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and I keep putting it down. 
I'm only on the 2nd habit: Start With The End In Mind

If I had known the ending to any of the things I listed above, I would've not chosen in on them. 
If I'd had the foresight then to think "hmmm, what do I want the end of this to look like?" I'd have had no answer. 
Even what I made up at that time would've been limited by my narrow view of possibilities. 

So while I GET this concept of starting with the end in mind, and see the value in applying it to life moving forward,
I'm also feeling disgruntled. Like I want to give this chapter in this book a big middle finger. 
It's not the book's fault. Or Stephen R. Covey's. 

It's me saying: 
If had known the end, I would've chosen differently.
I'd have avoided the "mistakes" and the "failures".

Those perceived mistakes and failures had value.
And to think that I would have avoided them is to think that I'd have missed out on their lessons. 

Those mistakes and failures led me to where I am now.

Change your mind; change your life. 

with love,
DrDanielle Eaton

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Daily Actions DO Matter

I received a perfect reminder yesterday from Rachel Johnstun that our commitments to our daily habits and actions DOES matter.

Even when I have a little one expressing health through symptoms,
My body showing up with symptoms of its own,
A surprise date night on a MONDAY with my husband,
Work deadlines that MUST be met...

I'm committed to living my best life in all dimensions.
Anything less is, for me, settling.

So while there's unexpected challenges on the path, I get to pause and remember what's important to me.

Is it:

"Maybe I need to just not 'worry' about meditation, journaling, and working out until things 'calm down'."

Or is it:

"I'll continue to be committed to creating time for my self-care, doing the things that I love and that allow me to reduce stress, each and every day."

Either choice is MY choice.

I get to remember which choice feels better to me beyond TODAY and into tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, too.

This is NOT about Doing It All.
It's about Having It All.

Can you feel the difference?

Maybe today is THE day YOU get to remember to choose YOU, too.

expressed with love,
DailyDrDanielle Eaton

The "I'm Not An Athlete" Lie

I'm not athletic.

At least,
that's the story I told myself (and everyone else) for a long time.

Now at 2.5 months away from 36 years old, I'm physically stronger than I've ever been.

But how did this happen?!?

A. I dropped the story.
B. I got comfortable with being uncomfortable.
C. I did the fucking work.
D. All of the above.

But here's the thing..... There's nothing particularly special about me.
I'm just willing to keep going.

I believe ANYONE who's willing to drop their stories and do the work can achieve whatever result their after.

I believe YOU can.
Do YOU believe you can???

Change your MIND; change your life.

DrDanielle Eaton