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On this page, you can read what actual patients
in my practice share about their experience!

You'll hear from real moms like you and their kids about the difference
that sports chiropractic and corrective exercise made for them in their lives.



"Dr. Danielle is a breath of fresh air. She took time to get to know me and find out how my concerns were affecting my life before her assessment and developing a plan of action. I've been able to correct a postural issue that has bothered me for quite some time with her help and also had immediate relief from severe neck tension after my adjustment! Highly recommend."

- Stephanie D.

"Dr. Danielle has been such a wonderful asset for our family's health, in so many ways. We have three active kids; a competitive figure skater, soccer player and a gymnast. Us parents, also have our own businesses', so having health insurance coverage for us all has been...a struggle.

We have been to many chiropractors over the years, and what I most appreciate about Danielle is her attention to each person as a whole. Not just the spine, but the overall health and wellness of each person in our family. She takes the time to listen to our kids, watch practice videos to see their movement (and falls), and treats them with kindness, utmost respect, and cares for them as if they were her own.

She is professional in her interactions, confident in her work and is dedicated to see us in our best health. We <3 Dr. Danielle!"

- Sarah L.


Dr. Danielle helped me get my Diastasis Recti down from three fingers to one in a couple of weeks with some basic exercises. I was so impressed! I thought it would take months of working out. Her insight was so helpful and encouraging. I’m so thankful for her!
— Shannon W.

"As a Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist with a speciality in ART, MAT, SCS and Linear Fascia work, I was fortunate to work from Dr Danielles office.

What sets Dr Danielle apart from the rest is her willingness to listen to something new and try it out without hesitation.

We worked well together and I was always impressed as to the wonderful relationships that she had and still has built with her patients. The kind caring soul that you see here is the same no matter where you meet her!

Whether young or old, I would without hesitation urge any person with nagging issues to call on her. Dr Danielle, thank you for the time we spent working together!"

- Bianca D.

"Dr. Danielle is an amazing chiropractor. I have had trouble with my 5 month old spitting/throwing up endlessly after eating. Doctors didn't know what to do except make me keep switching formula (which isn't good). One visit with Dr. Eaton, his spit up has reduced 80-100% since. She also gave me knowledgeable information about my baby boy that I would have NEVER thought to worry about, much less think about.

Not only is she amazing with my son, but with me as well. She was amazing support postpartum, explaining to me how I need to care for my body for optimal recovery. 

She is truly amazing and totally focused on YOU and your health needs."

- Jaime S.


"Dr. Danielle is so passionate and knowledgeable about health and wellness. She takes such wonderful care of her patients. She helped me through a nagging back pain from sitting at a computer all day. She relieved the pain and gave me exercises to avoid reoccurrence. I have had no issues since.

Also, I've had migraines my whole life and Dr. Danielle help me manage them, gave me tools to get through them and ease the awfulness on my worst days. She was a savior during my pregnancy and the headaches that I battled.

I recommend her to everyone I know. She truly is a healer."

- Kara W.

Thanks to Dr. Eaton, I was finally able to find out what was wrong with my back. She ordered an MRI when I couldn’t get my primary care physician too. Always goes above and beyond for all of her patients!! Would recommend to anyone who needs chiropractic treatment!!
— Eric A.

"As a very active athlete, I have come across many painful injuries within the past 2 years. While cheering, my parents thought I had pulled a muscle. We called Dr. Eaton and she was willing to help. Based on her evaluation and assessment, she diagnosed me with an avulsion fracture of my pelvis, but urged me to go get a couple x-rays by my orthopedist. A few x-rays later and her diagnosis was spot on!

Back in April, 4 days before competitive cheer tryouts, I had landed on my neck and couldn't turn a certain way and I couldn't move my neck at all! Again, we went to Dr. Eaton and she diagnosed it as severely strained muscles and my spine/neck was out of place. That night, she adjusted me and then continued to do so every day up until the day of my tryouts. She made sure when I left nothing felt tight or out of alignment.

Dr. Eaton takes the time to listen to her patients to determine a course of treatment. Her care and concern is evident in her interactions with me."

- Emily S.


"I started seeing Danielle when I was pregnant and suffering from severe headaches and migraines. I saw her frequently throughout my entire pregnancy. I swear to anyone I know this is the only way I survived! The migraines were so severe I wouldn't be able to get out of bed and had to keep the lights off. After every adjustment I would feel instant relief and after only a few more the headaches were gone. I am forever thankful for her making my pregnancy more bearable!!

After my daughter was born Danielle started adjusting her as well. She has gotten us through many different trials and I would recommend her to anyone I met. Thanks Dr. Danielle!!"

- Karen M.


"I can't even express in words how Dr. Eaton has helped my family and I. I've seen countless doctors over the last 8 years about a head injury and none of them helped me more and gave me more information than Danielle did in the first 5 minutes of my first visit with her. She was so attentive and listened to every word I said. You could tell she was trying to think and come up with where to go next to figure out how to help. She genuinely cares and that shows a great deal.

My small children were also incredibly comfortable with her and she was very patient with them. She accommodated to their needs and made sure they still got care while not being invasive. I asked my 3 year old son if he wanted to go back and he said, "yes, let's go, I like her." which is saying a lot coming from a child who is very sensitive to others and usually shys away. We will definitely be back and recommending everyone to her!"

- Nicole H.


"Dr. Eaton has been such a big help with my little guy! When he was feeling less than 100% she made a house call for the following day to come give him his first adjustment. She even got ahold of me to check on him later that evening. (Which blew me away because I have ever had a doctor do that before.)

She is not only extremely patient with little ones that are mobile, but also very knowledgeable! She took me through the adjustment step by step and even gave additional guidance on how to help at home. I highly recommend her to anyone.

She's excellent with toddlers! She has a very caring heart and you can tell as soon as you meet her that she has a true passion for her profession!"

- Samantha G.

Love Danielle’s personality and how great she is with my 7 wk old. Would recommend to any parent for their kids or themselves even!
— Sarah K.